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Deadpool's Christmas was full of Tacos, goo and friends thanks to us! He would be extremely proud of our work! @kuzuri96 @BeannachtOraibh @shannonl5 @peahyr We made it funny and outrageous, just like the man himself! I think we did Mr. Wilson proud. L A Von Dangerous
^^^> crazy as this gif file thank you to all who chimed in! I hope to do more! Stay Frisky ♥ L A Von Dangerous
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XD XD XD love it
2 years ago·Reply
We should do that again sometime
2 years ago·Reply
@kuzuri96 yeah! I'd be down to do another one this was so much fun!
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I'll cook one up for after the new year I can just tell you the theme is going to be how Mister pool spent his new years. We are going to make it extra crazy and there will be tacos raining from the sky 😂😂 and Hawkeye shooting an arrow in Deadpool's booty! You see I'm already excited! @kuzuri96 if you are interested I have one going on in the SPN community, that one will close January 2nd
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