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Tagging the peeps who stuck through the end馃挄

PS: The ending killed me too. So if you would like to be tagged in another gut-wrenching story please comment. 馃槉

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Credits: Suga-Of-Daegu

NO! THERE HAS TO BE MORE YOU CANT JUST END IT LIKE THAT!! Plz add another part where y/N and yoongi get together, u can't do this, my heart is broken, shattered馃槶馃槶馃槶
Wow.... that killed me. I read the last few lines several times before it fully hit me. Then my eyes swelled with tears and I felt like the air had been sucked out of the room. Wow... Just wow. This was well written. Kudos to fictional Suga for being mature enough to let her go and want her to find happiness. He's right, he doesn't deserve her. And no matter how badly it hurts, she's better off without him. It took him some time to realize it, but he knows it too. And that's important for us readers to know. It makes the story more real, more genuine, more believable. And it makes it all of more painful because we know he truly loved her. He could have been selfish and kept her hanging on, continued to give her hope, make her believe. But instead, he let her go. He didn't give up. He set her free. I think that alone tells us how much she meant to him. Please always tag me!
the title says 'Not Without Me' not 'Without Me' God u just killed me...
@shashae5296 I know. sometimes though a person can forgive a cheater I did and he has been faithful the last 8 years. I was just stating he was hurting her all over again
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