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Eventhough we stil have 4 more episodes to go, but somehow I became worried of how it will end. Well, since I already speechless for some of kdrama ending lately. And when I tried to find some infos (since I'm an addict of QIHM), my finding made me more worried. Especially after reading some though from other QIHM fans. What am I being curious is why there is a 3rd person being a narrator (it sounds like Hee Jin's voice though). And why do I felt uneasy everytime I heart the narrator lines. And somehow, I think I got the answer from Iviih@soompi comments. She also worried about the same thing as me. And she though "Every time a character does a voiceover, makes me nervous (this is what i mean by the narrator). It means the character is telling us a story. The stories can be either happy or a sad one. And on the end of episode 1 and the end of episode 12 HJ tells us about BD... (I just realize it after I watched episode 12) Why she tells to us, viewers, how she met BD? Why and for who she is telling this? I got worried because what if Hee Jin is telling someone about her love story with BD? How she meet him and all… What if he stays in the past and she stays in the future *cries* or the worse, he dies (Ohh noo...., this is coming to my mind lately) Or maybe, it can be Hee Jin telling the love story of how she met BD to their children *grin* (This is what I hope for... somehow reminds me of the movie called: TERMINATOR I)
agree... just like in terminator I, that guy from the future fall in love and then they had a child (eventhough the guy ends dead)
yeah. me too is so worried how it will end. i don't want my Gim Bong Do to die, but if the story goes there, i want Hee Jin awill have his child :)