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Ah sweet Seungri, he originally wasn't one that I liked and I'm not sure why but now I adore him as much as the others. I hadn't ever listened to his solo stuff until the Vegas concert when he sung Strong Baby, after that I listened to them all but Strong Baby will always be my favorite because of the memory it holds:)
He's so gorgeous and if you can't tell I have a thing for guys with white hair, I love it. It looks so good on him especially. I can't help but fangirl every time I see pictures of him with his hair that color
Seriously how could I not love him at first?! What was I on.. I swear
Absolutely gorgeous, I love him
He's just precious and wonderful, I hope you guys enjoyed the lovely Seungri!:) Next up - Daesung <3
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No i felt the same way. I didn't like Seungri at first. And then he went platinum blonde and boom!!!! 馃巻馃巼馃巻馃巼馃巻馃巼
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he does that. he complete sneaks up on you and captures your heart
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awww our little panda you can't help but love him. If you haven't seen any of his dramas I recommend seeing Nineteen it has him and TOP. Also one of my favorite dramas is Angel Eyes Seungri plays a guy from Texas so cute when he speaks English馃惣馃惣馃惣
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@lilbr0wneyes omg him and little boy stole the show...
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very sexy guy
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