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Sup everybody. I'm sick and tired of hearing Saitama can beat Goku and/or Superman. It's stupid and makes no sense. This is my opinion...if you disagree...then disagree with respect. If you could care less about this...just scroll down and continue with your lives. Time to explain: Goku: Sayian. Superman: Kryptonian. Saitama: Human. All three trained to be the best and saved the world from the forces of evil numerous of time. However, Goku and Superman had their powers before Saitama got started on his "crazy" training to become a hero. It just took Goku and Superman a long time to unlock their powers. Superman has the typical powers: flight, beams, minty breath, speed, super strength, and other powers I could care less about. Goku is a martial artist with Ki...he learned various of techniques from great masters and there were techniques he developed on his own. He also can became Super Sayian and even a Super Sayian God. Saitama has speed and can send his enemies to hell with one punch. That's all I know about him. There was a reason why Goku and Superman would be a great matchup. Their origins and powers are similar...however, if they could end either way....which I think would better say that it would end in a tie. Am I saying saitama is weak? Hell no!!!!! He shows dedication in his role as a hero, but he has a long way to go before he can match up with Goku and Superman. Maybe I'm wrong...maybe I'm right. As a part time otaku (yes I consider myself as such), you can't say "Oh..Saitama MIGHT beat Goku and Superman"...because he can't. He's human.
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@DaiGakuSei who the fuck is Stan lee?
Stan lee is the creator of marvel comics.
I say goku then saitama then superman,why? Even tho goku is a god now I'm sorry I don't think he is nearly as fast as saitama and saitama jumped from the moon to earth in seconds! Took goku awhile to breach the atomsphere to fight beerus! In battle of gods! And another thing as much as I love goku and he trains hard in most battles he needs help to defeat enemies or he just weakens them. Now superman if you read his comics or jus read his wiki or jus going onto YouTube and searching his origins. This motherfucker become a fucking reality warping cosmic God! He brings back Louise lane from the dead in a like metallic form! And before that this dude was moving planets!! DC really made the strongest op character ever if you look at it right. In all superman is jus a cheat ass op character and goku and saitama are close to being equals.
@SittingOnaCloud yeah dc made superman way to op. He's fucking ridiculous. He warps reality and doesn't care. Hahahaha I think ur thought on him is funny. He is just too fucking strong. But I know some one who could beat him... I think.. Maybe.. Spawn. Spawn has beaten the devil and God. So maybe probably.