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the is no picture but BTS'S jungkook and Rapmon covered Troy savans fools. Korean Word Of The Day: 대박- Can mean Jackpot or Wow. Usually use when you are happy and amazed. If you like the cover type : 좋아 - good 안좋아- not good
WOW! 너무너어무 좋아요!!!!!!! I hadn't heard this yet, and it's AMAZING!
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@kpopandkimchi as soon as I heard it I was like 대박 the did an amazing job. I already downloaded it on my phone.
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Wowza! That was so amazing! They're voices are beautiful
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building off of the word "good" .. 좋은 아침 good morning 촣은 점심 good afternoon 촣은 저녁 good evening ^^
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thank you @GenesisZiporrah for the add on's
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