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wow!! 2000 days since their debut already!! Teen Top Daebak!!!
Kekeke check how adorable and baby they are in this video!! the amount of teenage angst in this video is real Kekeke
ahhh so cute!!! 5 years later....
now look at these sexy mfs!
whoa. am I right?!
i mean check this vid out. they have come so far!! they have worked so hard and improved so much!! it is awesome that we got to see these sweet boys grown into studly men!!!
babies to total babes.
ok that's all for now!! thanks for reading angels and thanks for supporting teen top for 2000 days!!! if you would like me to tag you in my future teen top cards just let me know id be happy to!! k byeee xoxo
I loveeee Ah Ah, the song is so catchy and the dance is really cool 馃槤馃槤
tag me please!!
@kkellymeyer it's okay. To be honest I'll probably have to look into it too XD
@KAddict ok so I asked around and the answer I got was to just make a board and do @whoeveryouwanttotag at the end of the card. idk if you find a better way let me know!
@KAddict haha I couldn't figure out to tag you in the actual card sorry I'll look into it