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While his rise to the top may have taken awhile, Kanye has made a huge impact in the fashion world.
After nabbing the title for "Stylish Man of the Year" last year, Kanye West occupies the throne once again at the top of GQ Style's 2015 list
In 2015, Kanye brought his Yeezy Season 2 clothing line to New York Fashion Week in September then accepted the "Shoe of the Year Award" for his Adidas Yeezy Boost sneaker at the Footwear News Achievement Awards earlier this month.
As GQ Style explains it:
"His elevated, athletic-inspired aesthetic is part of the reason the athleisure look hit critical mass this year (even landing the word in the dictionary). Plus, West's own wardrobe is studied, tracked, and blogged about with an amount of fervor usually reserved for female stars (like the rapper/designer's own headline-grabbing wife). From Haider Ackermann velvet bomber jackets to Balmain blazers, ripped Acne jeans to his beloved Bottega Veneta Chelsea boots, every piece West wears sparks a discussion on the current state of menswear (and, we assume, launches a million Google searches)."

Is Kanye West the most important male style icon right now?

What? In every picture I've seen of him, his clothes are, like, 12 times too big for him! That's not stylish, to me!
Most stylish..I can believe all the Videos or Appearances I've seen him in usually he is wearing some shit...He's that Grown Man Swag... and I can say I haven't seen him in a fitted cap n hoodie..
Well I guess it's better than fluorescent skinny jeans that other young rappers are wearing. But I don't think that really means best fashion
He at times dresses a lot better than some of these other rappers. So I can give him that lol.