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I had a dream about BTS, mostly about V the first time ever with him.
So I was at a field trip at the museum, it was boring the lady was showing us rooms and some where really dark i cant even see in there. And I saw V passing by. OMG it's V he's here. But he look different I thought it was his make up but i really didn't care I assume it was him.I wonder whats he doing here? maybe a photo shoot..I wanted to post a status that v is at the museum but there was no internet. I came up to him and said I wanna hug. He smiled at me and gave me one. I was soo happy XD.
Until I saw BTS, walking in the building and then I saw V, I looked confuse, there were two V's? They both knew each other and gave each other handshake. What the wha???? I knew that guy didnt look like the real V. I didnt care so I went up to V, calling his name. VVVVVVVVVV!!!!!!!!! I tried hugging him. but he stop me. H e gave ne a nasty look. I dont know you. who are you. A fan duh, trying to hug you.
He walked away from me, my heart was broken, I started V walking up the stairs The security guard lady said something me, i didnt really hear her. So she said something to V in korean.
V looked at me and smiled and gave me a hug. I was really surprise I wonder what she said to him, I said thank you to her. I cant remember what happen I think he was laughing at me when he broke my heart, it didn't seem like V at all. What was going on. maybe i shouldn't let him hug me. I felt weird after that. what do you guys think?
Maybe it was Taehyungs secret evil twin...
Hm V has a twin
I think that dreams often twist things up.
@KyariTsukishima to tell you the truth, he's mad good looking then V DX
@TLeahEdwards i kinda thought it was beakhyun bu t it wasn't? 0-0 who is that guy