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This is me. Selfie time! #nofilter My name is Luci. I'm 25 years old! To all my lovely people who wear makeup! Media has taught us to constantly cover up our faces with impurities because society shames our true naturalistic beauty as imperfections. I used to never leave the house without it! We need to learn how to love ourselves and be true to who we are. It's okay to wear makeup, but don't let it take over your life! (I wear makeup once n a while, especially when I breakout.) Someday someone who will love you for who you are will make you realize that beauty isn't only on the outside! Spread the word! Be true to yourself! ♡
true,I also,don't like without makeup feel naked yet we shouldn't feel that way. our true beauty is not on outside yet inside.
I very rarely wear make-up and have never felt pressurised to do so,I am who I am,who you see in the night is the same person you'll see in the if you don't like what you see just move along...