Okay guys I realized there's a lot of flaws with the story that I need to fix . I had someone review my story and I got a score of 50/100. She said my plot line is good but the way I write and my grammar mistakes make the story very unreadable. She also said that my main character's relationships seems a bit rushed with her condition that she supposed to have. I realized that I was focusing on Sarang is better but I guess I made it like she didn't have it at all. I'm going fix the story a bit and get a beta-reader to help with my grammar faults. The story wont be completely changed but it's going be a few changes in some of the situations. Thank you to all of the people who read and enjoy my story and sorry if .y story was a bit off and not that understandable but I promise I'll bring back a better story by probably a few weeks from now.
@shannonl5 Thank you . I just notice the things she said I also noticed myself so I think I should fix it.
I think something to keep in mind is that you can't please everyone. As long as you're happy with your work that's what matters
@drummergirl691 Thank you for the support love and I will most definitely tag you in the revised version.
I wish you luck!!! I haven't ready your story but I'll check it out now :)
*pretty picky I didn't realize I skipped a word. x/
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