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I'm sorry Taehyung Oppa. I feel really really bad. I just thought of it as a joke and it wasn't he was actually upset about it. I mean we called him idiot, alien, and etc as a joke yet we never thought of it hurting him. I feel really really bad.
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@AnnaArai oh okai馃槉 I understand
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where is this from?
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@KarlythePanda66 it's from an interview but I don't know which one, I'm sorry馃槵
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No details, then is not true. Simple as that.
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@KarlythePanda66 I said I didn't know which interview it was from because it was way back in September...they have many interviews. At the same time why would someone make something like this up...that's petty. Clearly this person put this message out there to benefit Tae. And he could have gotten fed up with being called 4D or Alien just like you, I'm sure, have gotten fed up with a nickname that was innocent but got on your nerves after awhile.
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