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Guys seriously this was the hardest thing ever
# 3 Jay Park - You Know ft. Okasian Why you know why this song. Because Jay knows. He hit life right on the head with this. Not to mention his voice is just sex and Okasian's Rap in this is amazing.
#2 is a tie. Both of them are from my boys BTS. Why isn't BTS first though they are all you talk about. Yes they are bae but someone is a little closer to me than them. I couldn't pick just one of their title tracks this year. Hell of I could I would have PT.1 and PT.2 as the entirety of my #2. Both of these songs the lyrics of them, yes I connect with lyrics not just the music. These boys made me feel needed and wanted and they let me know that it's okay to fall just get back up and keep running.
#1 for me was Big Bang - Lets Not Fall in Love. Why you ask? Well first BB is bae all the way. They are what got me into the kpop life and they have always held me down. This song though the lyrics of it they speak to my soul. It is really how I feel this year. Let's not fall in love because I know you'll break my heart. I was the girl they were singing to. My heartbreak was so bad but they helped me so much with this song.
omfg uesss jay parks voice i swear to god smh and all the other choices i couldnt agree with u more....great minds think alike lol馃憣馃憣馃憣
omg these songs are my life. yes and yes love your choices
Let's not fall in love and If you were my favorites from BB this year. Both hit me hard. I love them awww
@Ercurrent I don't know how many times I've listened to that song on repeat
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