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I've made a lot of promises to myself and to you guys about what dramas I am going to watch, so I decided to make a challenge about it!

As my New Year's Promise, I WILL watch these dramas at some point in 2016:

1. It's Okay, That's Love

2. Moon Embraces the Sun

3. Sassy Go Go!

What will you watch in 2016?!

Write a card about it and tag me!
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I'll watch "sassy go go". hehe
I wanna watch sassy go go and every single one I can get my hands on
I still need to finish it's ok that's love
It's okay that's love is very good. I want to try to finally watch Heirs.
Yes agreed. I started watching is ok that's love a long while back but then I didn't finish it (D.o was killing me) but I want to finish it. And sassy go go I need like 2-3 episodes to finish it. πŸ˜‘