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I've made a lot of promises to myself and to you guys about what dramas I am going to watch, so I decided to make a challenge about it!

As my New Year's Promise, I WILL watch these dramas at some point in 2016:

1. It's Okay, That's Love

2. Moon Embraces the Sun

3. Sassy Go Go!

What will you watch in 2016?!

Write a card about it and tag me!
oh its ok its love is on Netflix I only watch the first episode, I still need to finsh my dramas I started ugh why life so hard.
I will continue watching 'I Remember You', 'Love Rain', and 'Kill Me, Heal Me' since I never got past the first few episodes in any of them. Also, I really look forward to starting 'Answer Me 1988'!!
It's okay that's love is my absolute favorite drama soo far!! It is amazing!
Please please please tell me what you think of It's Okay, That's Love! I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCHHHHHHFFIBF DJFIFJDNE S ❤️❤️❤️
lol I watch all of them already
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