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Would you rather fight J-Hope or V?

First of all, fighting Hobi would be cruel and unusual punishment for yourself. I mean seriously. I imagine Hobi would fight like a shrieking windmill. Arms flailing all over the place while vocals are on fill capacity. You'd need a hearing aid and several band-aids by the time the fight was over. Actually , it wasn't even a fight. He saw a spider and was trying to get away, you just happened to be in the way. You wouldn't fight Hobi. Taehying on the other hand needs to be fought. I'm having a hard time coming up with reasons not to tight him. I mean his hip thrust and mouth alone are the main reasons he should be fought. Like V plss. Some of your fans are underage, they don't need to see all that. Not that Hobi doesn't deserve to be fought for his hip thrusts. Because trust me, he really does. It's just the fact that fighting him would result in hurting yourself more, so what's the point? And have you noticed how handsome he gets every album? Hoseok stop. Also, Taehyung would probably instigate the fight himself as some kind of experiment. He seems like the type to do so. Then when it was over he would be so happy that you wouldn't even stay mad at him. This was a long repetitive rant. Let me just answer the question.

I would rather fight V.