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This is my baby kookie 😍 I love him so much! I bet the army loves him to!
Kookie is using a bottle as a microphone haha cx how much cuter can he get! And then there is V! >/////
OMG he is so freak-in handsome when he's dancing or when he does anything!!!!
i got the moves like "Jaeger" Ehh ehhh you see what i did there hahaha cx i'm lame..

Listen up ARMY!

Jungkook has seemed very stressed lately and we must support him. So far Suga and V has been sent to the hospital but ended up being fine. Kookie had a hard time not performing with either of them. Now, Rap monster is being checked up at a hospital and isn't able to perform. Please! support jungkook in this stressful journey for him and support the other members as well because they are our family and we are theirs so we help them no matter what! Got it/ alright :D
Failed drawing .... So I tried to draw Jungkook and it didn't come out the way I planned it to... I draw anime and not realistic drawings πŸ˜… what do y'all think?
Omo I love the 'little' maknae
indeed I we do~~ <3