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Daesung and you been dating a month. All of a sudden , his past is starting to crawl in... What will happen.....
Picture #1: He makes you smile in your sad days, laugh in your silent moments, and bright up your darkness. He has never failed you. picture #2: He came by your house, to see how you doing. you've been working a lot and so was he. He is a working to become a model. So, He came in all dressed up . All you can do is smile of how handsome he is. Butterfly's always tends to haunt your stomach. "how I miss you, baby." he smiles . You turn red. Then a call came in: " what you mean? got to be kidding me!...... I'll call you back!." Picture #3: His facial changed. He's serious. "what wrong?" you asked. He just looks away. You grabbed his hands and he turn his head towards you. "you may not like what you will hear." he sadly says. "Tell me Daesung. What's going on?" Your calm but nervous. Then he explains; "two yrs ago, I got into some trouble with some people, and now they are searching for me." "But why? What did you do,sweety?" "I .... I..... I gave them up to the police. And now they out and they are looking for revenge " Your heart sank. Your MIND went blank. "Don't worry, you will be fine ". You smile and so did he.
Picture #1: He has been blank for a couple of days. Till he got a call: "well well well,, I hope you know who I am. And I've been looking for you." "what do you want from me." he said. "I want to destroy you, and I will!" Call got disconnected... He is left with no words. **The same time you was walking home from work. You missed the bus, so you have to walk. That's when your worst nightmare came. A black van pull over and two men grabbed you and took you with them. You fight and fight till a guy punched you cold. You black out.** picture #2: He got a call from your phone , but it wasn't you. "hello, baby" "hello..." the man said. Daesung heart stopped. He mind went blank . NO NO NO is what his MIND screamed. "please don't hurt her." he panicked. The call got disconnected. He stands their , frozen. Tears are starting to fill his eyes.


Its just the preview... i bet your excited for the rest ... comment comment below...let's see how much you want the story.... want to be tagged let me know....





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@BBxGD please tag me when it's ready.😆
@lilbr0wneyes hell ya 😎
@BBxGD please tag me 😊
you got it 😜
I am looking forward to what happens