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paola paola – ‏@fcxkbts "Who are you and why is Chris Brown following you?" M8, I DON'T EVEN KNOW. 8:20 AM - 29 Dec 2015 860 RETWEETS1,240 LIKES
The American pop singer followed no one on Twitter... that is until a few hours ago. He is now following just one person on Twitter, and that person happens to be a huge BTS fan, which, by association, automatically makes Chris Brown a BTS fan, right? #logic #thatshowitworks #yup *pats oneself on back for unparalleled deduction skills* All cringe jokes and self-satisfaction aside, no one has any idea why Chris Brown suddenly started following a BTS fan. And that includes the very BTS fan in question.
Can you imagine being this girl??? You're just going through life, fangirling over BTS like any other day and suddenly Chris Brown is following you! Like WTF?!? Why Chris Brown? Why did he choose me out of the 7 billion people on this earth?!? This would be a real head-scratcher for me. And considering I can't stand the guy, I would find it really strange.
I'm dying xD
Of Course he is who wouldnt be
Chris Brown isn't following anyone. Still.