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5 spice honey mustard beef ribs with orange buttercreme and Napa salad with dill, cilantro and a vanilla crème with fennel dressing.
I don't measure so do everything to taste.......
oh, add a little fennel in with yogurt before mixing......orange buutercreme is simply butter and orange peel sauteed in a pan with some crème fraiche and spooned over ribs at plating.
lol, I braise beef ribs in the oven, nothing fancy, 350 degrees, the dry rub is Chinese 5 spice and a little grape Modena to moisten, use red wine too, I like malbec and cabernet...a bit of water in the pan.....no cover....after an hour I brush the ribs with butter and olive oil......after another 15 minutes I drop oven temp to 275 and apply a bit of the honey mustard sauce..... (yellow mustard, honey, paprika, garlic salt, water to thin to consistency of yogurt.....color of caramel....cook for another 15-20 minutes and pull from the oven and let sit for 15-20.....apply another layer of sauce....chop Napa cabbage, chop cilantro and mandolin grate carrots and toss in a mixing bowl....add vanilla extract to a half cup of yogurt and some olive oil and mix with orange peel till completely blended toss with Napa cabbage mix and voila!
Thank you...
recipe please. it looks yummy!!!