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What is Hardest for You:
I am currently studying for the TOPIK exam, and there are listening, reading, and writing sections of the test.

It got me thinking about what part of the language is hardest for me, and I wanted to know your opinions too:





Mine would range (from easiest to hardest)

1. Reading
2. Listening
3. Writing
4. Speaking
Having other people come up with the words for me is easier. For example, if someone says "강아지" I immediately know its "puppy" but if you asked me to quickly answer what "puppy" is in Korean, I'd have to think longer to remember it myself. Does that make sense? That's why Writing and Speaking are the hardest for me!

What do you find the hardest about learning a new language?

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all of it. i never properly learned n i cant understand any of it 😩💔
2 years ago·Reply
all of it.
2 years ago·Reply
reading is the hardest for me
2 years ago·Reply
reading and listening is hard for me
2 years ago·Reply
I find speaking and writing hard
2 years ago·Reply