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The eye smiles are real!!

@NEOisRealo Thank you for giving me a reason to do this! I have a love of eye smiles. This is just a few...
Of course the well known taeyang!
The forever buff jong kook. He's a singer if you don't know him. He is also known as Sparta because of his buff self. You can check him out on running man.
One of my favorites! Jooheon from Monsta x!! I also love his dimples! After him Wonho who's also from Monsta X.
Cutie Bobby from Ikon!
JB from got7!!
Along with JR and Yungjae too!
And last but not least! Onew from shinee! He's so sweet! Well these are the ones that I thought of first. I think I'm going to make a part 2. The eye smile crew needs appreciation.
@terenailyn part two will most certainly have him! Who doesn't love jimin?
@btsgotshinee JIMIN FROM BTS!!! haha sorry I just love his eye smile
@JennyKool haha. I know. I'm going to put him in part 2. I need to find the best pictures for him!
uh. u forgot Daesung. lol
I love whenever someone is gappy enough to eye smile i personally think that its the happiest feeling
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