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Kyungsoo was struggling to get it out of the bed in the morning. Still tired from practice the night before. He finally got up and got dressed. He checked the time and cursed under his breath realising he only had twenty minutes to get to the interview. Kyungsoo finally arrived and was so close to being late but he made it right in time. Jongin saw him run in catching his breath. Jongin let out a little giggle and gave his hyung a hug. "Why were you running so late?" He lightly flicked Kyungsoo forehead. Kyungsoo made a pouty face and whinned a bit before he answered "I was to tired to get up earlier since I stayed with you at practice last night." He let out a yawn and stretched his arms. Jongin pulled his arm over to the rest of the group as the begin to talk. "FIVE MINUTES TILL YOUR UP DO KYUNGSOO!" ~~~Five minutes past and Kyungsoo went on stage and the cameras were already on him~~~ Choi HyunNuel: Everyone give a round of applause for Kyungsoo! ~Everyone claps till HyunNuel makes them quite down~ HyunNuel: First question, Who is your favorite out of the group? A huge smile appears on his face already knowing the answer to the question. "I like all over the members equally but Jongin Hyung.." Kyungsoo feels his face heat up and he smiles. HyunNuel: "Continue" He says wanting to hear more. "Jongin Hyung makes me..." He lets out a little giggle. "He makes my heart skip a beat when he walks my way." Kyungsoo covers his face with his hands embarrassed about what he just said HyunNuel: Can you tell us your favorite food? He said changing the subject. Kyungsoo thought about what his favorite food was. Nothing was on his mind but Jongin...He take a deep breath and opened his mouth. "My favorite food is Jong-" He stopped himself "Kimchi!!" He said quickly giving a chessey smile.
~After feeling what felt like 200,000,000 guestion. Kyungsoo finally finished the interview and walked off stage to find Jongin waiting for him with a huge smile on his face. Kyungsoo smiled and hugged Jongin. "You did wonderful out there!" Jongin said staring into Kyungsoo dark brown eyes. Kyungsoo couldnt help but blush. Jongin moved his face so there only a few inches away from him and Kyungsoo face.
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