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He looked up. The smile on his face was immediately replaced with panic when he saw my shaking form. He rushed to my side, pulling me into his arms and telling me that everything was ok.
“You were gone. I thought. You were mad. It’s all my. Fault. You don’t. Want me. Anymore.” I managed between sobs. His hot breath tickled my neck as he sighed.
“Jagiya it was just a joke.” A joke? “I just wanted to get even, because you scared the hell out of me earlier.”
“But how?” My sobs had come to a stop, and the tears slowed down.
“I figured you would bring me dinner to my room so I hid in Jin and Namjoon’s room. When I saw you go in, I snuck past the door and went to the kitchen.” At first I didn’t understand, but when it sunk in the relief was replaced with anger.
“It was a joke!?” I screamed.
“Jagi calm down, please,” he begged. “I didn’t think you would take it like this. I just wanted you to feel how I did when you lied to me…”
“At least I didn’t scare you into thinking I hated you!”
“You thought I hated you? Jagi how could even think such a thing?”
“The way you treated me when we got home. You looked like you didn’t want to talk to anyone. And then I saw you just now, laughing and smiling without a care in the world with the other members. It was like I was the only one you were avoiding.” I watched his eyes widen in realization. “I just need a few minutes alone…” I stood up and stepped away, out of his embrace. I quickly turned and took off for my room. After shutting the door, I sunk to the floor not really knowing what to do. I was angry, relieved, shocked, and overall emotionally drained. Two months… Probably the best two months of my life so far. I wasn’t going to just throw it all away over a prank. But I needed time to think. Time to recover from the pain I had just gone through.
“Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid! I almost lost her. I almost lost one of the best things to ever come into my life. All because of a stupid joke!”
“Tae, I don’t really think punching a pillow is gonna change anything.”
“Better than punching a wall. I’d rather not have to explain to manager-nim why we need to patch a hole in our wall.”
“Good point Joonbug.”
“Joonbug? Really Hoseok?”
“Can you guys just shut up!” I saw everyone look at him in surprise, myself included. Tae was freaking out, and we had no idea how to help him.
“Tae you really need to calm down,” Jimin said, worried his friend might hurt himself.
“I’ll go talk to her.” I watched his eyes meet mine.
“She wants to be alone.”
“No one ever really wants to be alone,” I argued.
“Fine go talk to her. I don’t want to. I don’t want to hurt her again…” One look at his eyes and you could see the complete defeat and pain he was going through. I was determined to help my friends. I arrived at her door and knocked.
“Go away Tae.” Her voice sounded defeated, even when muffled by the door.
“It’s not Tae. It’s Jin.” I waited for her reply, praying she would let me in.
“Come in,” she mumbled. I turned the knob and slowly opened the door. I saw her sitting in the middle of the floor with a coloring book and one crayon. Green. Tae’s favorite color. I quietly closed the door behind me before walking over to her and joining her on the floor. “Did he send you?”
“Not really. I volunteered to go see you, and he allowed me to.”
“Did he want to see me?”
“He does. Really badly. But he doesn’t want to hurt you again. He’s killing himself out there. Are you ok?”
“I’m fine. Just emotionally drained.”
“I promise he didn’t mean for the prank to go that far. None of us did.”
“You all knew about it?” She stopped coloring and looked at me.
“Yeah we did. It really just seemed like an innocent joke. I know Tae. None of his jokes are meant to hurt people.”
“I know,” She said returning to the coloring page. I sighed.
“Pais he cares for you. He truly and deeply cares for you. And I know you care for him, otherwise you wouldn’t be coloring with just his favorite color. Couldn’t you guys just kiss and make up?”
“I’ve never kissed anyone before.” What?! She’s never kissed Tae before?! She’s never had her first kiss?! “Is it really that great?”
“Kissing someone? It’s the best when it’s with someone you love.”
“Has Tae kissed anyone before?” I honestly had no idea, but I was pretty certain he’d have kissed at least one girl in his high school years.
“I don’t know, but I would assume he has. He was quite popular in high school.” I watched her head nod. “How have you never been kissed? You’re by no means an unattractive girl. I’m really surprised.”
“My parents never let me date.”
“Tae is your first boyfriend too?!”
“Shit just kiss the boy.”
“Sorry! But really. Just kiss and make up. The best kisses are make up kisses.”
“I thought the best kisses were with someone you love.”
“Well typically you only make up kiss with someone you love.”
“I’m tired Jin...” I picked her up and laid her in bed, tucking her in. “Thank you, mama Jin. You’re the best,” She said sleepily. I watched her doze off before turning of the lights and heading to the living room. Tae jumped up from the couch when he saw me walk in.
“She’s asleep. I think her break down totally wiped her out, but she’s fine.”
“I owe you Jin. You always know what to say.”
“Can I cash in that IOU now?” He looked at me with a puzzled look.
“I guess.” I smirked.
“Kiss her.”
So I'm splitting up chapter 6 just because I really wanted to end it there, and I didn't want to give you guys a short chapter. I'm also a little stuck as to where the story should go from here. I know what I want to happen after this chapter, but I don't know what should happen right now. I'm working on it as you read this, trying to come up with something that is worthy of being part 2 of chapter 6. This part is slightly just fluff leading up to something more. I tend to lean away from the cliche kiss and make up (Sorry Jin!) and I honestly try to lean away from cliches in general. I didn't want the main girl to be absolutely perfect and secretly insanely talented at singing and dancing that she becomes an idol, or any kind of really ridiculous event that just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. While there are some stories that work those kinds of plots and kill it, mine is just not one of them. Excuse my sudden rambling I just thought I would explain a little bit of how I try to piece my stories together. I try to make them as realistic as possible, while still being a fantasy. Would a member of BTS ever help you with your luggage and kidnap you? Probably not. But any guy could help you with your luggage and then get your number or something. Anyways, back to my point. Part 2 of chapter 6 just didn't really please me. I wanted to get something out today to ease your poor hearts, but I wasn't going to give you the crap I wrote after Jin's scene xD I hope you'll excuse my slight writer's block and maybe some suggestions can get me rolling on the rest of this chapter. I know kissing is something y'all probably want, but I like to make it more exciting. ;) Will there be a kiss in part 2? No idea to be honest, but is there one coming up? Oh heck yeah! But it'll be when you least expect it :) Please don't kill me for this sad excuse of a chapter Q.Q
This chapter is adorable! the way Tae was freaking out that he hurt her was so cute! I just want them to kiss! And the cliche ones are the best! But great first part of the chapter! ^-^
as for something for part 2, maybe them going on a date? it'd be cute
@KaitlynHewitt Me too! I love them so much 😍
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