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Your Barnes And Noble Book Browsing May Soon Get A Lot Boozier
According to Barnes and Noble, books and beers are a match made in heaven.
As a result, the noble art of combining books with booze could be arriving at select New York Barnes & Noble locations.
Good E-Reader reports that the chain has applied for a beer and wine license from the New York State Liquor Authority. If everything’s falls into place, customers will be able to buy booze from the store’s cafes.
According to Good-E Reader, the company’s New Hartford location will be serving as a test location for this boozy B&N with the operating hours (currently) not subject to change once these adult beverages are introduced as a purchase option.
Could this be the new late night chill spot for people to connect at? I think this could boost sales for sure.
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I drink and read at Casinos @nicolejb. I take my mom. We synchronize our watches. She works the slots and I relax.
2 years ago·Reply
Love me some Blue Moon :) @arnelli Ahhh yes I love margs @EasternShell I'd agree, something a little sweeter for those lighter books to even enjoy by the beach :D
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@nicolejb you win. I bow to your epic punniness. 😍
2 years ago·Reply
I'm not going to lie thought, I stole that one from a cocktail book. @ButterflyBlu they have a whole book of literary-themed cocktails!! I got it for my friend for christmas!
2 years ago·Reply