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Let me try to clear up this, EXO-Ls did not wish death on Jungkook, so Armys please read this, I'm both an Army an Exo-L, please read!
Koreaboo wrote an article saying that "Exo-Ls wish death on BTS's Jungkook" that is a lie, if you read the article at the bottom it says, "There is no proof of an Exo-L saying this" but in the article you see two tweets, if you read though them you can tell it was ONLY ONE EXO-L that tweeted it, and others quickly said that it was immature and ridiculous for someone to tweet that. So far many Armys and EXO-Ls have reacted in a respectful manner telling each other this isn't true, yet some are talking offensives. Which is why many have been asking Koreaboo to take down the article for spreading lies, so please don't retaliate towards the fandom. Others recently have found out that it was actually an army or even more to surprised a Jungkook stan, now I'm not putting blame on any armys, exo-ls, or even calling this person a fan. This person in MY PERSONAL OPINION is not a fan, yet someone who is wanting attention but going at it in a wrong way. I wanna say thanks for the people that sent me these links! Please read it carefully before you assume.
I REPEAT DO NOT START A FAN WAR OR RETAILATE TOWARDS EITHER FANDOM!!! This is a lie so please don't get offended or start something, I will be grateful if you guys can help spread this around, since people are starting to retaliate towards the fandoms, let's stop this before things get out of hand.
If something else pops up, I'll update my card again so all you know what happened.