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This is my baby brother Louie all dressed up for Christmas!

I saw that one of @luvmynikki's puppies dressed up as Santa (how cute!) as well as @JonPatrickHyde's kitties (here!!). Plus we had a reindeer kitten thanks to @Lushisushi (here) and pissed of Santa cats from @destiny1419 (here) :D

I was wondering if anyone else had their four legged friends dress up for the holidays!

Louie actually liked his scarf a lot, which surprised me!
But for his "Santa's Little Helper" bandana and ribbon on the other hand....

Notice the difference? HAHA!

We took this off him right away - he clearly wasn't loving his festive look ;D

Anyone else have festive pets this holiday!?

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what a cutie!
2 years ago·Reply
So cute! My dog hates wearing clothing! So we never dress her up
2 years ago·Reply
I wish my dog would sit still long enough to dress him. Your dog looks so adorable!
2 years ago·Reply
Very cute!! That's awesome that your dog likes dressing up. Mine goes full limp and refuses to move lol.
2 years ago·Reply
well I got a puppy for christmas
2 years ago·Reply