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OMO! Jackson Wang PT 8 reached 100 likes 😱. How could this be😱? Thank you guys so much I'm glad that you enjoy the Jackson Wang story❤️ The Jackson Wang story would not be possible without you guys. I'm literally in tears😭😊. When I first posted my very first KPOP imagine I was quite nervous. I was new to the KPOP world, hell I still am new, and I was afraid I was going to mess up the story knowing a limited amount of info on these amazing idols. I was always nervous on what you guys might think. When I would write in the 1D fandom I posted it on Wattpad but I never got this support. No one commented on what they thought so I never knew how to continue the story or if I should. Now with all the support I get on this story it has come a long way😊. I love you all so much❤️ you have no idea how much this means to me. I love reading your reactions in the comments they make my day and they make me want to continue the story for you all. Without you guys the Jackson Wang story will just have stayed with the very first Jackson Wang, which was my original plan since it was an imagine and not a fanfic lol, but nonetheless I'm glad that it has come this far. I hope I continue to hit you guys with feels or make your kokoro ache with happiness or sadness. I love you all ❤️ hugs for everyone!! @VeronicaArtino @amberg171997 @LenaBlackRose @DreaG1518 @reyestiny93 @carinamarie14 @SamanthaRamdath @JessicaEvaristo @TracyLynnn @luna1171 @sosoaloraine23 @stacyneroland @ammagrande @herreravanessa9 @lunastormnoona @DamarisCisneros @TeaTimeFoxy @DeniseiaGardner @aishwaryashrest @ivyheart13 @SamanthaRae19 @jjrockstar @staceyholley @LaurenDimalanta @saraortiz2002 @VKookie47 @mandijb1016 @ZitaMahoney @JessicaFigueroa @ceramoore3 @Beccachu @CheyenneJessee @ILikeHisFace123 @11erinmims @dancingdazzler @yessiex3 @btsgotshinee @domo9456 @tinathellama @jenjenkhreim @clstap1 @dancingdazzler And I know there's many more people to tag because I mean 100 likes *squeals* AISH I love you all❤️❤️❤️ you made my kokoro happy 😊
Current Ranking of ❤️s as of today 1st: Jackson Wang PT 8 2nd: Jackson Wang PT 7 3rd: Jackson Wang PT 6 4th: Jackson Wang (PT 1) 5th: Jackson Wang PT 4 6th: Jackson Wang PT 3 7th: Jackson Wang PT 2 8th: Jackson Wang PT 5 9th: Jackson Wang PT 9 (came out yesterday)
I'm so happy for you!!! 😋😋😋 I love this story so much!!! Hopefully mine will be as successful as yours 😁
aaww. you are welcome.. but I told that you definitely do better job that some Koreans writers around there . lol. .you shouldn't be surprised by the well deserved. .congrats! !
you are so welcome AND THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING STORY!! even if it kills me with the feels. it's amazing and my day gets brighter when I see you post
congrats keep up the great stories that hit me right in feels ❤🎊❤❤
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