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I have been using mineral powders rather than foundations for over a year now because I could never find a foundation that actually makes my face look clean and natural (not cakey) & does not make me break out. But after 4 tries I finally purchased a foundation and am so excited to share with you all!!!
Too faced-Born this way Why I love it: -my skin looks super good -non oily or greasy -breakouts & blemishes covered -so many color varieties -the bottle is a great size & best of all its made with coconut water so will not cause break outa and is actually good for your skin!
My face literally wish I could have taken before pics but its all covered up looking natural.
up close!
& here is a before & after pic since I owe you guys a before pic of myself. I purchased it at Sephora if interested. comment feedback .
Otherwise I would because my step sister uses it and she looks amazing!
I use the Korean brand Innisfree. I'm super pale and I was told to use Too Faced but I'm really allergic to coconut.
@Bri26 yeah if you're allergic to coconut you shouldn't use it