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Slangs have always played a major part in shaping the way we speak. Over centuries, they've modernized the way that we speak, and with the aid of social media, our language has been changing more rapidly than before.
Consider this something of a time capsule for the slangs we use today in 2015. Let's hope that when the aliens eventually find us or our great-great-great-great grandchildren stumble across Vingle during a great technological excavation of the Internet, they find this card - only to have them come to the conclusion that we all talked like serious weirdos.


Definition: to keep something low key: to not announce it
Origin: According to Reddit, the term was pulled from Drake's verse in the Nicki Minaj song 'Only'.

Sipping Tea

(Alternate Slang: "That's none of my business.")

Definition: To subtly yet effectively toss shade or sneak-diss.
Origin: Both the action and expression began sometime around June 2014, when the tea-sipping Kermit the Frog meme first got popular.



Definition: What you’re trying to do or be like. Your potential goal.
Origin: It still isn't completely clear, but I guess we all have dreams, don't we?

"______ is life."

(Alternate Slang: "________ is giving me life.")

Definition: When something is so amazing that it pretty much defines you.
Origin: It allegedly began with basketball players and NBA fans saying 'Ball is life'.

No Chill

Definition: Used to describe someone who has lost responsibility over their emotions - for example, someone who is too excited or too angry.
Origin: According to Know Your Meme, "the exact origin of No Chill is unknown but the phrase began appearing in this context online in 2013, when it was first defined on Urban Dictionary."


Definition: An acronym for "as fuck", used mostly through text-based communication.
Origin: There's no official report out there for this, but I'm going to assume that someone was so tired AF that they could no longer spell out the last part of their sentence.


Definition: Used to express wen someone is seriously killing it in one way or another.
Origin: IDK Beyonce? Probably Beyonce.

"Netflix and chill?"

Definition: It means that you are going to go over to your partner's house and have sexy-times with Netflix in the background.
Origin: On October 8th, 2014, Twitter user @itsIsaaaaaaac posted the tweet: "Netflix and chill never means Netflix and chill now a days lol".


Definition: 'Bro' for bros who are over having to use hard-sounding vowels.
Origin: 'Bruh' has been used as an alternative way of saying 'bro', an informal term of address for 'brother', since the mid-to-late 2000s


Definition: Used to show appreciation for someone who has achieved diva-like excellency.
Origin: "Yassss!" began in the gay community, but was popularized by Nicki Minaj in 2014 with the song "Yasss Bish!". However, Ilana on the TV show 'Broad City' often exclaims "Yas Queen!" when she is praising someone.

Love them or hate them - these were the most popular slangs of 2015! Feel free to add your own if you can think of any that you and your friends were saying this year.

@VinMcCarthy YASSSSSSSSSS!! You just no me so well im Hype AF right now
this post is @lizarnone AF
I love them
"Deez Nutz" I'm like seriously.
@dimplequeen Which expression do you use the most?