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We got some funny pick up lines here ladies and gentlemen! I'm also going to throw the real Frisky man Jack Harkness!
That got me! Win!
Sold, Dean you are cupids arrow!
This is so sweet! I so want to hug you!
Freaky in a forensic type of way.
Lmfao, I'm glad I'm that perfect!
I can't lie to you guys. I absolutely had a super crush on him, even more than my Dean crush. I find him intriguing!
Lmfao!!! I would totally give the Cas answer and walk away
How about you guys in the community! Like these pick up lines!? Feel free to make your own for some of the characters! L A Von Winchester
i would prob just laugh. Still a good ice breaker though.
If my boyfriend used these on me I would probably laugh XD
dean-"usually driver picks the music and shotgun shuts his cakehole...but you can tune my radio any time." lmao cas- "you're worth rebelling for." sam- "I'll be your bullwinkle if you be my rocky." bwahahaha I'm not right.
Lol but they're so adorable! 💜
@LAVONYORK oh no I am right there with you :D
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