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More Promo pictures for Hongbin's drama have been released and I must say, I don't know if I can wait till the 11th! Starlight's could already tell how hard he has been working for this by all the Vixx events he has missed for filming lately, however the pictures just show Hongbin's hard work even more!
The production staff also released a statements on his hard work as well. They said "Hongbin showed natural acting from the first filming. You could tell he had worked really hard. He filmed all the action and underwater scenes without complaining. We think that in 2016, people will rediscover him as an actor through the drama. Please anticipate and support him as well as 'Moorim School.'"
Despite the overactive worrying part of me that is always concerned for my Vixx babies well being (especially when I saw the underwater scenes since I know that Hongbin does not swim well ), I'm very glad to see that our Bean seems to be well supported and is doing so well. I hope he doesn't tire himself to much and remains safe throughout his activities for the drama. January 11th, PLEASE COME FASTER!!!! Vixx Fighting! Hongbin Fighting!