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Chasing Shadows (EXO FanFic) 2

Chapter II

A/N: Don't play video until told to do so or if you don't want to at all, it doesn't influence the story that much- just for fun. You ahould subscribe to them on YouTube though, they're really good. ♡ "Mr. Matthews sent you out again?" The lady at the front desk didn't even have to look up to know it was me, "Yah, I wasn't even doing anything this time Julie!" I sat down defeated. Julien is the receptionist or whatever you want to call here in hell, which by hell I mean Highschool. I've grown close to her due to the fact Mr. Matthew has sent me out almost everyday. Personally, I think he hates me, and I don't even know why. "Do you need help with anything?" I asked. She gave me a conforting smile, "Would you be willing to take these passes to their owners?" I hopped out of the chair, "Gladly!" I took the small stack and went out into the hallway. I hummed to myself as I looked at the first pass, Trey Lionne Room B162 It's so quiet in these halls. I've recently been learning new dance choreographies by watching them over and over on YouView, I decided to put my memory to the test. Dancing and music are the only these in my life that make me happy... I took my phone out of my pocket, a long eith my knotted headphones, I cursed under my breath as I tried to untangle them. Finally, I put them in my ears and clicked shuffle on my playlist.  ----> Play video or not (Watch the first group) I stopped and smiled to myself. I turned the music off and stuck the headphones/phone back in my pocket. I was about to walk upstairs when I had the sudden feeling I was being watched. I turned around and surveyed the area, I didn't see anyone, This confirms it, I'm crazy. I sighed and walked up stairs, making my way to B162. ~ After the 10th pass I finally made my way back to the office, "Done already?" Julien mumbled between munches on her potato chips. "Are you suppose to be eating?" I asked smiling, she then put a finger to her lips, "Shhhhh...." I shook my head and chuckled. "Hows life," She said quietly, obviously hinting about my mom. I sighed, "She's doing good, she actually smiled for once this morning," I looked down and smiled to myself. Janie sighed, "I would adopt you in a heart beat if I could," I laughed, "If only life was that simple," I put my hand through my already messy hair. The overhead speaker then cackled and switched on, "May I please have your attention. We are having an early release, we are not allowed to disclose any information. Do not stay outside after hours and make sure to keep safe and we'll see you tomorrow." The speaker let out a loud beep before turning off, "Whats going on?" I asked. Janie sighed, "Apparently, student have been disappearing left and right without a trace. You should go on home," I nodded, stood up, and threw on my backpack. "You be careful too," I told her with a half smile before I stepped into the hallway she said, "Remember stranger danger!" She winked and went back to eating her chips. I shook my head lightly and walked out into the busy hallway. I walk home so I decided to chill in the bathroom until the crowd was smaller. About a half hour later of skipping songs I decided it was time to leave. I walked into the empty hallway and put my headphones back in my ears, turning up the volume to drown out the world around me. I hummed soflty, walking passed empty classrooms and forgotten dreams. I had the feeling someone was again watching me but I shrugged it off, I mean I already know I'm probably crazy. I then noticed my shoe was untied so I crouched down and started whistling to the tune of the song I was listening. After I was done tieing my laces, it felt like someone tapped me on the shoulder. I took one earbud out and stood up, I looked around and saw no one. "I'm going insane, I hope insane asylums have good food," I then turned around and saw someone standing at the end of the hallway. I turned my music off and put everything back in my pocket. I stepped left and so did the person, I then stepped right and they did the same. Ok, what the hell? I then watched as he pulled something from his back pocket. It looked like a weird sword, like what I said before, what the actual hell? The person then started running towards me and my eyes grew wide, is this the person that has been taking the students? I gulped as I looked around for a place to go. I turned back to look at the person again and they were gone. "I think I need more sleep," I turned around and my heart stopped, the person was standing right infront of me, they have a weird and insanely detailed mask on. They brought up the sword, out of instinct I crouched down and out my hands over my head and closed my eyes. After a few seconds of nothing I looked up to see the guy from the classroom earlier standing infront of me with the sword between his hands, he then turned to me and said, "Run." A/N: What up peeps? I hope you're liking ths not typical EXO fanfiction, even though it might be slow in the beginning... (:
Bruh wth!!! I would have punched the person for popping out of nowhere then jetted
OMG hun u got my heart racing like 100 mikes an hr... I do live it tho
@KpopQueenaBee because it is 😅
@Mercii Cool ^^
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