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ISIS mass execution of 21 Christians had a really great impact on me. I never had an inkling about what was happening in the world until I was forced to keep up with world news due to my studies. It was then that I came to know about ISIS and this execution was the first beheading video that i watched and i was traumatised because I've never seen something as barbarous as that in my whole life. It was something beyond my imagination since I was living in an illusion thinking that the whole world was living in peace just like in my country! ISIS had a greater impact on me because I'm also a Muslim and this made me feel guilty. I carried out more research on ISIS which lead me to doubt my own religion since I've never been religious and therefore didn't know much about Islam. When I told my mom what i think about Islam, she just told me to read the Quran by myself once before coming to any conclusion. All my doubts were cleared after that because the Quran is proof that Islam is a religion of peace and whatever ISIS is doing is against the Islam. If I, being a Muslim, had doubts about Islam, then it's obvious that non-muslims will also think bad about Islam. But still I can't help from feeling bad about all those disgusting acts of ISIS. However I'm really thankful to the huge non-muslim squad that i have who are always supporting me no matter what, especially my 2 BFF(one is christian & the other chinese), despite the fact that the media & ISIS are giving us a bad image! @nicolejb @shannonl5 @InPlainSight
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@nicolejb Thanks, i wish there were more ppl like u n @shannonl5 who would go by evidence! I don't know much about politics but I was wondering if it has been possible to destroy Hitler then why haven't ISIS been destroyed yet? What are the superpowers doing? Just thinking about the oil crisis & global warming? Meanwhile ISIS are growing their group!
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@humairaa very different tactics. The way ISIS operates they only attack places where they know they can escape retribution- they rarely perform attacks like the ones in France. And their attacks are all political tools to force people to fear them or join them. Hitler gained power through legal means, held it (for almost ten years) by promising to rebuilt the country. The U.S. doesn't like to acknowledge it now but at the time we really did not want to enter another war in Europe- the first one caused a huge financial crisis. And there were a lot of people here who felt that if we entered the war we should be JOINING Germany, not opposing it. So the circumstances are a little different. ISIS is very insidious and a full out assault against them would result in far too many civilian casualties
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@shannonl5 Ah that's how it is! But there must be a way to stop them, I just hope this ISIS shit gets over soon!
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@humairaa agreed!
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I know they haven't been stopped yet @humairaa, but I heard some good news the other day Iraqis took back a key city that ISIS was targeting, just like any bad guy army they rely on the resources of stolen cities. it was nice that we weren't able to give them that!
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