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Soo this morning.. Top decided to share with us this pic on Instagram.. He said he's finally growing out his first beard.. He also said shaving is annoying.. I wonder how long he gonna keep it ND how is he gonna look with facial hair..
There was a video up but of course he deleted it already... He was smashing some chicken wings.. And apparently his trainer was very upset Cuz he was eating fried chicken lol..
Now everybody knows TOP still jas his inner fat kid so he's always eating something or drinking wine lol.. Idk why his trainer was so upset lol.. Top works hard to keep that wonderful body in shape. Every needs a cheat day coach-nim.
Enjoy that chicken my love.. Your trainer will be okay lol.. And Def keep growing out the beard..
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Love T.O.P and I love beards. Hope they go good together.