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I'm going to hear alot from (#nulu)but I feels has though lisanna and nustu is a better ship,because they know eachother longer and you could see how much lisanna loved nustu has kids.Then when they went to edals nustu and happy we're so happy to see lisanna. I feel like now that lisanna is back there will get together.
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sorry but I kind of agree only if loke wasn't a celestial spirt.. Lolu and Nali could be real but yea.. (#NALU)
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I really love NaLi. they've known each other for so long, they know what makes one another happy and sad.
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I disagree lisanna left natsus life already now she's back and he was working hard with Lucy and Lucy's on team natsu not team whatever and lisannas not I'm a nalu fan not nali馃槢
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thank you , someone finally agrees with me
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