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Sam is laying down the law with Thor's hammer, now it's my turn... Hammer time! Welcome to SPN! Winchesters!
I am L A Von York your crazy Mod and now let's get to the good stuff! I as a Moderator for this community will come to bat for you as long as you are not out of line and are following the guild lines of this Fandom and Vingle. ♥ Vingle is a community that is PG 13, so we must be careful with the content we post. If you do have a card that maybe be a bit racy start with a photo that's plain and in your title for example say for mature or viewer discretion advised. Or like I do I put up these ⚠ ⚠ ⚠ ♥ No racial slurs will be tolerated at all. No name calling. We can always agree to disagree but we can not lose our heads a use course language towards each other. No bullying and no "cyber stalking" . The cyber stalking is my personal rule. Sometimes people can get too personal and the best thing to do is block them if they just will not leave you be. ♥ No religious stuff allowed, yes this is a Fandom for the show Supernatural however there are people who might not understand that. Before I became mod at this community, I ran into a few people who did not agree with Supernatural (TV Series) all you have to do is explain it's a TV show or refer them to me. I understand the theme of the TV show has lore however that should not be a problem. Remember I protect my community. ♥ Our cards. My newest card was pickup lines and it had to do with both Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock. That is why I tagged those other communities. We pretty much keep our cards here unless they are doing a cross over, then I do not see a problem with it. I absolutely encourage you guys to do a SUPWHOLOCk card once in a blue. This can help see if there are any others that might be interested in SPN and did not know that we are here! ♥ Open door policy, like I stated before I am here for you no matter what is going on. I will chat with you. I don't bite lol ♥ If you make a card tag @lavonyork so I can add it to our community card. ♥ suggestions suggestions suggestions, I take them all. Let's make this community our home. ♥ language, @shannonl5 had the perfect example, this is a shitty movie (yes) you're a shitty person (no) ♥ we all heard about Dean - Cas fan writing. I love Fandom writing however that one and many other can not be on Vingle as per their rules. It might be hard at first because some of us, like myself are adults but we must always think of the children in the community. ♥ FUN FUN FUN FUN that is our objective. ♥ I will be having two support Mods for this community, one spot is taken already, She is amazing and most of you know her already. There is one spot remaining if you feel you can push out content here and help our fabulous fandom grow with fun. Please DM me and let me see what's going on. ♥ All support staff will be treated as a Mod because that's what they are. They are responsible for the community just like myself. The support team I will bring together will get the upmost respect from me and will be treated like an peer, like the rest of the Vingle community and our SPN Fandom. We did work so hard to get this community we should show pride in our work!

A bit more about me, I am found in the Marvel Community, I am support there and I run the Mercs with mouths and I am dabbling in a few other things there too. This community will not get slighted at all. I care about this community so much. I want it to be save and happy.

You did understand that Cas? Guys, he is so adorable! Look at him! My heart is melting! Our Cas, Our Cas! Questions comments or concerns. DM me. I'm here!
honestly I didn't know about kids either. but high schoolers now a days are more vulgar and rude than most adults. but I see her point. we must respect the tiny puny children lol
as a fellow winchester and right hand merc with a mouth to @LAVONYORK, if rules are not followed then i will fill your sinks and bathtubs with jelly. and not a yummy jelly neither. lol I the mighty mallow will uphold all rules, and not swear so much for I have the vocabulary of a well educated soldier lol other winchesters, let's work to make this community awesome, I will try to do as much as I can, and hope the rest will follow suit. sincerely, me in all my weirdness.
I'm so excited!! I'm going to be poking my nose in here lots in 2016, so I look forward to all that's yet to come! <3
Love this! :D
@LAVONYORK ah yes I forgot about that. it seems so long ago lol
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