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Hello, and welcome to the Funny Community! At the end of this week, we'll be starting the first quarter of 2016, and I figured this would be a great time to introduce both myself and the community to all of the new Vinglers coming in for the first time.

The Funny Community is for nutjobs, maniacs, oddballs, headcases, weirdos, wackies, and all-around raving lunatics. So if that sounds like you, WELCOME HOME!

Here's a little bit about the community:

Members of the Funny Community like to share their favorite YouTube videos, memes, dad jokes, crazy-but-true news, and funny pictures of cats. They also like to talk about their favorite funny TV shows, movies, etc. (It's how we were able to come up with our 'Rick & Morty' and 'Archer' community fan clubs!)
Every day of the week, we do a fun game like caption contests, Would You Rather situations, movie quote trivia, and more! And going into 2016, there will be even more games, writing challenges, and opportunities to make new friends around here even if you're not from the same exact fandoms.

Here's a little bit about me:

My name is Dani, I'm 29, Jersey-born, California-bred, and I'm a huge fan of laughing. I've been moderating the Funny Community since last summer, and previously moderated the Fine Art and Vegan communities - so if you love eating Brussels sprouts or really like to draw or paint, make sure to say hello!
Favorite Funny Movies:
Dumb & Dumber, The Room, Billy Madison, South Park: The Movie
Favorite Famous Funny People:
Margaret Cho, Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Ben Schwartz, Aziz Ansari
Favorite Funny TV Shows:
Parks & Recreation, Rick & Morty, Jane The Virgin, Archer

Now it's time to INTRODUCE YOURSELF!

List your FAVORITE FUNNY MOVIE, FUNNY PERSON, OR TV SHOW, so we can learn more about you.
Extra points if you tell us your name. A year supply of fried pickle chips if you tell us your favorite joke. (Okay, there's no fried pickles. But try anyway.)
And current community Vinglers, make sure to pop in and say hello!
@BloodStrider It's such a dad joke but w/e I LOVE IT.
@danidee lol that's funny
@BloodStrider I saw a meme once where Lionel was like "I DID IT FIRST!!"
Every time I hear this song I think of the "is it me you're looking for" song