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Shoujo bubbles or known as love bubbles. Now if you can see on the top Orihime is talking to ichigo but if you see the background you see love bubbles meaning that she likes ichigo (but I don't ship them even if orihime do like ichigo cuz she loves ulqui-kun) when ichigo responds you don't see any love bubbles. Take a look at the the bottom you can see shoujo bubbles on both of their side meaning that ichigo and rukia love each other when their saying bye. So we kind of got some hints to what kubo is trying to tell us.
I heard that Kubo straight up said that IchiRuki is canon
@OrihimeInoue awwww that sucks well you prob did
@arnelli I don't know I been busy with other stuff so it's hard to remember but I think I saw it
@VinMcCarthy I don't know but it's somewhere in the quincy arc
in which chapter? @OrihimeInoue
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