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So since I dont participate often I figured I would throw some random SPN love out into the world with these random memes I came across. ALL credit goes to whomever actually made them, as I lack the computer skills to create any of them.
Lol Some of the things Dean randomly shouts in public cracks me up.
Admit it, we ALL het like this when that day rolls around. lol ♡ love it.
This makes fun of the thing that has annoyed me most about Spn the most. Sam being the well educated one seems to think that because his view is different from Dean's he's always right. *sigh* I wont get into it but Sam does not seem to get his brother's desperation to protect the child he swore to his parents he would.
lol Crowley is my favorite villian ever. He embodies alot of my personality.
Dean Winchester is my ideal husband, baggage and all. I have loved him since season one and no matter what he does I will always love him. I truly believe no matter the outside influence Dean has always ALWAYS stayed true to himself. And on that last meme.... I so wanna add I'm fabulous. lol!