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Sang by Deok Hwan - I'm Going To Meet You with English Subtitle. PD use this song for every sweet moment of our One True Pair. Just listen this song made me remember of all beautiful scene between Boong Do and Hee Jin. Perfect song for such a perfect drama :)
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i love it
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more love <3 ...
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i love both drama and its ost
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I think this drama will become more in demand abroad especially in Philippines so ABS CBN must grab a copy of this and show it in Philippines in Tagalog Subtititle..Whoah i cant wait to watch it again..but please the OST is so great that i might fall with the voice of Deok Hwan...Great Plot,Actors,Scriptwriter,editing,director and the soundtract...The best...I can recomment it world wide..hehehe
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let's spread the word then @cathy32 *looking for others to be infected by QIHM syndrome*
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