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I made the mistake of looking up fancams those morning. That's it. Contest is over. Everyone else can go home. I'm so sorry Baconbits. But you didn't win. Not by a long shot.
This video. Oh. My. God. Everything I've ever wanted in a bias is right here. Cute af. Lip bites. Singing with ease. Getting down. MOUTHING THE RAP. Did I mention lip bites. Also he clumsily smacked Bacon in the face because he was to busy grooving. Jongdae oopa why u do dis to me. He's so beautiful and talented and just diddjekdbjdhags. Ugh. I've got it bad. ❤️ brb ordering merch lmao
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Omg I need to see thatttt >_>
I had it saved bit I got a new phone since sooooo yeah aha bit I think you can find it if you type it in right
shame I could only find the second part but Check out this video I found on We Heart It Suho,Xiumin,Chanyeol,Baekhyun on We Heart It - ^^^ yogiso
@MissyKim I screamed omg thank you for that lololol
XD your welcome the first part it shows his hands going to low on Suho oppa