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How many of us have them? Can you imagine one of your closest friends designing your wedding dress? How amazing would that be? Well, the amazing Eva Longoria is having long time girlfriend and our favorite Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham design her wedding dress. If you're not familiar, Posh Spice does more than use her vocals -- she creates apparel and plans on expanding her business very soon. Let's just say designing Eva's dress is a step in the right direction to get her foot in the business of creating gorgeous wedding gowns. I can only imagine that Victoria creates something rather chic, trendy and well, posh of course -- because it's obvious.
We all know that both ladies happen to have an exquisite sense of style, so we can only expect the best of the best when Eva makes her way down the aisle on her wedding day. We would love to see the two fashionista's do a fashion line together, but according to Eva that won't be happening. She says, "Oh Gosh no! She's the designer, she's dominating that space in such a big, beautiful way. I'm just so excited for her and happy to just wear Victoria." According to an insider that spoke with The Sun, they said: "Eva's wedding photos will be seen all over the world, so it'll be perfect publicity for Posh." The icing on the cake is that Eva will get the wedding dress of her dreams free of charge. Don't we all wish we had a friend like Victoria who would bless us with a gorgeous wedding dress they created themselves? Well, it's not too far fetch. You never know. In due time we will be able to see the lovely garb that Victoria has created and it will definitely be a beautiful sight to see.

Are you looking forward to seeing how Eva's dress turns out?

I like Victoria's style. I think it's going to be really great. I imagine it to be something sleek and simple. Nothing frilly.
You and me both!!! I cannot wait to see. I can only imagine it being fabulous @marshalledgar
I'm so curious about how it's going to turn out. 😁
I agree!! Def looking forward to a masterpiece @marshalledgar