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This is a fanfiction about Inuyasha and a girl from another world named Jessamine. I've still working on this fanfiction, but I wanted to share a small slice of it. This is part one that I'm sharing. If you want more after reading this please click the link below to access the rest. My name is amoJimin on wattpad if you wish to follow. I also have other fanfiction I'm working on posted there. I think you'd like this story: "A Different Kind Of Love " by null on Wattpad This is a supernatural, romance, action, and mature story. I tired my best not to copy the original Inuyasha anime series. WARNING THIS DOES CONTAIN MATURE CONTENT...CUSSING, SELF HARM (SUICIDE). I'm not trying to get ppl to leave Vingle. I love this place and will continue to be here. My writing just have out grown the guidelines here. I'm just trying to get support and get my stuff out there.

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Ally and AJ song to set the mood

Part 1 Heart Break

"Look I don't know how to say this, but we can't be Jessamine. I loved having you as a fact I will always love you." Inuyasha said while looking down at the ground. Jessamine stood frozen. She couldn't believe her ears. The love of her life is saying the words that she thought she would never hear. The wind blew against Jessamine's deep brown skin as it dried her tears running from her deep green tiger eyes. She punched him in his arm really hard. "Who is she Inuysha?" "It's no's not like that. I wouldn't trade you in for any woman. Baby, just know this for the best." He softly ran his hand through her ebony hair. "How could you say that to me. I gave you everything Inuyasha! I been with you for 4 years. I fought with you in battle. I gave you my virginity! I gave up my life in the future for you. I have no family! I freed you from the tree of eternal dreams!" Jessamine's began beating on his chest. "You were supposed to be my first and only." "I love you Jessamine. Always remember that." Suddenly he vanished with the wind. Jessamine became a school teacher. Unlike other half breeds like herself she could blend in with the human world. No one knew she was half wolf and half tiger. A rare but powerful breed. Even though she loved teaching she still was empty. Every time when she heard about Inuyasha and how strong he was becoming she wanted to scream. She was at home about to take a bath. Even though she was no longer with him. He made sure she had a nice home. She had no choice but to accept since she had no family to live with. Her only friend had a small family of her own. There was no room for Jessamine. She threw down her robe and looked at her body in the mirror. Maybe he left me because I'm not as pale like the Japanese women here. My kind is very foreign here. They never seen a Black Latina. Probably never knew that they exist. Never did they hear of places like Mexico, America, or Africa. Not to mention I'm part tiger and wolf. I miss my tribe... Maybe I'm too hair is too wavy... Even though 2 years had passed that day haunts her. It was just like yesterday. She tired killing herself often. Poison...cutting...drowning..nothing worked. She looked down at her healed wounds on her wrists. She cursed her healing abilities. She sat down in the tub of warm water. Maybe this time it would work. I've killed some many enemies why can't I kill myself? She took a small razor and began slapping her wrists. She exhaled and gently ran the sharp end across her skin. Then all of sudden she heard a loud noise in her home. With lightening speed she threw on her robe and went to her living area. "Sorry Jessamine. Did you forget you were watching the babies tonight?" Azumi says while smiling. "Oh yes. I knew something slipped my mind." Jessamine says while forcing a smile. "They are sleep."Azumi says while handing her two small children. "We will be back in about 2 hours. Thanks so much!" Jessamine took the two twin boys to her guest bedroom. She loved being a god mother. She smiled as she softly brushed their jet black hair with her hair. Just think I could've been a mommy. If I would've known. But that's the past....

Part 2 Surprise

It is all over. That stupid demon is finally gone. Now I can have my life back.... Inuyasha stood over the dissolving body of a female demon. The smell of burnt soil and blood filled his nose. This demon was obsessed with Inuyasha and wanted him for herself. She took control over his life. She was strong and beautiful on the outside, but he loved Jessamine. She knew that his love for Jessamine would never all her to have him. She threatened to kill whoever he loved the most and he wanted to save Jessamine. I hope we can go back how things were. I hope she understands... He barley walked away. He was in another dimension fighting her in the spiritual world. His armor was falling off as he transported to his relam. There at the castle he was greeted by his army, his father, and his brother Sesshomaru. "My son you have succeeded! Be proud!" The Dog general patted him on the back while the army cheered. "Hum, I was hoping you died. But it's good to see you stupid." Sesshomaru said while smirking. "I'm glad to be back! But I have to see her. I need to see Jessamine." Inuyasha said. "No son you need to rest. Besides you would worry her if you came to her in the condition you are in." Inuyasha hated that his father was right. He could barley walk on his own. He would have to see her later. A week had passed since Inuyasha returned. He was attending a panic at Azumi's house. She wanted him to be a surprise for Jessamine. Jessamine was playing with the twins and talking to Yoshi Azumi's husband. When a scent so familiar filled Jessamine's nose. No it couldn't be...If it is I'm leaving. "Inuyasha, welcome home!" Yoshi yelled. Jessamine attempted to leave and Azumi grabbed her wrist. "Be nice. I know he has a lot to explain." She whispered in Jessamine's ear. "I'm so glad you could make it Inuyasha. Please we are about to eat. Sit down." Azumi says while getting her twins situated. They all sat down to eat. Jessamine never looked at Inuyasha. She couldn't bring herself to. However, Inuyasha couldn't help looking at Jessamine. He wanted to talk to her, kiss her, make love again to her. He was fading into deep thought. Damn she look so good and her scent is driving me crazy. I could just make her mine again. Now wait stop thinking like that children are around. "Are you full Inuyasha?" Azumi says while attempting to catch his attention. "Oh yes the food was great." He says still staring at Jessamine. The twins were getting reatless. Azumi asked Jessamine to help put them to bed. "Those are some cute kids." Inuyasha says. "Thanks and to think you and Jessamine would've had one about 2 years older than them." Yoshi blurted. "What the hell are you talking about Yoshi?" Inuyasha said while narrowing his amber eyes. "What baby?" Azumi slapped Yoshi. "You idiot!" Jessamine face turned red and she quickly gathered one of the twins and walked quickly to the house.
I honestly used to have a really big crush on inuyasha 😭😭😭
@MinDeji same XD I didn't like either of those my head inuyasha was MINE
This sounds great!!!
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Ayee!! you watch anime too??? that's so cool and Yoshi is an idiot for real tho -.-
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