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Oh my gaaawd!!!! My eyes my heart my FEELS!!!!!! Jimin absolutely KILLED IT They all diiid!!! The jazz version of 'Dope' I'm dyiiiiiiing!!!!!! Ahhh it sucked Namjoonie wasn't there but they still did AMAZING!!!!!!! Gaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!! They're so artistic and talented geeeezuusssss my heart can't take this !!!!!!!!!!!!
Kookie and Zion T were freaggin awesome too!!!! What a beautiful combination of voices!!!!! You guys I think BTS is really trying to kill us I always find myself getting way too emotional!!!! I'm just so proud of how far they've come!!!!! Look at freaggin Kookie man!!!!
But the performance was still awesome😜😜😆 I hope he gets better
@JohnEvans He was on an incline and something happened right after rehearsal right before the concert. All I know is that it must have been serious for him to go to the hospital. @krin
#GetWellSoonNamjoon I swear when Big Hit tweeted about it earlier today my heart broke.. I just hope BTS gets the rest they deserve.. I don't know if my heart will be able to handle yet another member being sent to the hospital. Let's wish our Leader gets better soon..
Namjoon was rushed to the hospital right before the performance
the performances were amazing but poor, namjoon 😟 I hope they finally give them the rest they need now!!
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