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Jimin Solo Butterfly Dance

Jimin we all know his dancing is on point and his sexiness is on fire. But what do you get when you put both together? Apparently this dance. How is it possible for him to just keep getting Hotter every time Army sees him? Like what the heck is he eating? Plus, it doesn't help that his dancing in this has reached a new level of perfection. we all know how Jimin can be a goof ball off stage, but when he's on stage he is extremely serious and full of passion.
Plus, if he already looks this good with no makeup. My god what else is there?
Oh yeah this
Let me know what you think of this awesome performance and how this effected your scale of how sexy and professional Jimin is. Show the love with your hearts and comments.
this makes my heart happy, because we get to see Jimin in whole different light and it's beautiful to describe, Jimin doesn't really do solo stuff so when this came out it made me cry.
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