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BTS performed on KBS Gayo...I'm glad to V and Suga feeling better but sad because RAPMONSTER wasn't there which really worry me!! Guys there is good news and bad news....Let me explain!!!

Good News:

They started off performing with Jimin dancing a solo to Butterfly which was beautiful!! They performed a JAZZ version of DOPE which was absolutely outstanding!! Even though they didn't do the whole song is still sounded great....J-hope killerd it!! I'm kind of glad Suga and V didn't dance with them because I feel like they are still trying to recover.....And then everybody came out in Butterfly...I was so glad to see Suga rapping and V singing...I was just glad to see them up!!! Jungkook blew me away when he performed with ZionT..they sounded great together...The vocals blew me proud of Kookie for this awesome performance!!

Bad News:

WHERE WAS RAPMONSTER?? I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG WHEN I SAW JUNGKOOK RAPPING!!! I asked @Baekyeol127 and she explained that he had to got to the soon as I saw that heart literally fell to the ground...Why does BTS love making us worry?? I REALLY HOPE THERE IS NOTHING EXTREMELY WRONG WITH RAPMONSTER AND I HOPE FOR A FAST RECOVERY!!
Also I don't know if its just me but in the performance with Jungkook and ZionT...Jungkook to me looked tired..I don't know but I'm just worried that the other member may be pushing themselves to hard and that we may see a repeat of what happened to V and Suga with the rest of the group.....JUST PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR YOUR HEALTH BTS!!!!

What Do You Guys Think???

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man it's getting scary I hope he is ok... I say they all just need to take a break for a little while vacation
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I saw that too almost cried my babe RapMon 馃槩
2 years agoReply
they need few month rest they did great this past year (wow already 2016)
2 years agoReply
@DetkaN I hope they get plenty of rest in this new year...also Happy New Year
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they should take a break they literally worked extremely hard so far and I think they need a break I mean first suga and taehyung then namjoon not only that but jungkook was tired out I think they are pushing themselves really hard please rest or take a break bts we need your health to be good don't push yourselfs to hard because you are trying to make us happy please rest we are still happy
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