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Is Lieutenant Hinamori Momo really that bad?

Hello there friends! Let's get to defending an annoying anime character. This time around we have the Lieutenant of squad 5 of the 13 Gotei, Hinamori Momo. This was news to me as I didn't realize people disliked her until recently, let's get started.

What makes her so bad?

Ok I get it (kinda) her blind lust for Captain Aizen caused her to make some pretty dumb decisions, including attacking another lieutenant and one of her oldest and closest friends; not to mention a captain. Momo seems pretty young (as far as Soul Reapers go) she let her emotions get the best of her. Granted these were pretty stupid decisions she made but can you blame a girl I mean look at Aizens face.

Why I like her!

Momo is the lieutenant of squad 5, she's strong enough to be captain Aizen second hand. With her Zompakuto, Tobiumi, Hinamori fights fearlessly. She's also a master of Kidou; she's able to modify different Kidou and combine them to use as her own. Momo is a fighter, she's small but tough as nails, she's someone you want in a fight; not the strongest but by far not the weakest.

Do you agree? Am I out of line or off base? Any character, saga, anime you want me to defend?

Let me know in the comments (let's try to get some male characters) till next time, thanks for reading and have a great day! Make sure you keep up and follow the collection for more characters, sagas and anime that needs defending!
@animerg13 I can respect that.
@TylerDurso they really do! I would most likely think of him as a close fried or brotherly figure If I was in the Bleach world. I don't hate her, but it's still not cool how she just brushes him off and doesn't trust him...
@animerg13 the ladies sure do love their Toshiro. No reason to hate Momo though, right?
hah, I can tell you right now that the reason most people dislike/hate her is because of the way she just ignores Toshiro,wile he ends up loving her, and my sister is living proof of this (mainly because she has a crush on him XD)
@TylerDurso that's true. I'd say he started manipulating her really early on
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