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So BTS is still my ultimate bias, but holy crap seventeen is amazing! Those guys have slithered their way into my heart. ❤ A friend told me to look them up about a month ago, and oh my gosh! They are all so adorable, and their songs are lovely! I find myself loving them more and more everyday~ First, im trying to pick a bias. So, Woozi...

Look at how small this little muffin is!

Woozi is so adorable, I can't. I think he's my bias in this grou-

Well crap! Now Hoshi <3

The8 is adorable, and Joshua, Wonwoo and .... Guys, I cant pick a bias!
Do you guys like Seventeen? If so, who's your bias? So far, mine is narrowed down to Hoshi, The8, and Woozi (but the other members are all so adorable too...).
I apologize for any mistakes in this card, I didnt get much sleep. ☺ Have a good day everyone! 화이팅!
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Vernon and Woozi are my biases, but I just want to adopt all of them as my little brothers (the oldest members are 7 younger than me, and the youngest member are 11-12 years younger than me, so little brothers it is xD) and take them to amusement parks, let them have fun and make sure they're fed and healthy. x3
Mine is currently The8, but I'm also fighting a personal battle over Joshua, Wonwoo and Jun. And maybe S.Coups....
Woozi 😄😄
Jihoon may be short but he is not adorable have you seen that guy fight his members omg he is a savage and could kill Mingyu with one fatal swoop despite the near 8 inch height difference that boy is a mENACE. But my bias AND my ultimate bias is Boo Boo Seungkwan. I can't share him with anyone I'll fight for him. xD
My biases are seungkwan soonyoung and jihoon