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Guys, Seventeen though...
So BTS is still my ultimate bias, but holy crap seventeen is amazing! Those guys have slithered their way into my heart. ❤ A friend told me to look them up about a month ago, and oh my gosh! They are all so adorable, and their songs are lovely! I find myself loving them more and more everyday~ First, im trying to pick a bias. So, Woozi...

Look at how small this little muffin is!

Woozi is so adorable, I can't. I think he's my bias in this grou-

Well crap! Now Hoshi <3

The8 is adorable, and Joshua, Wonwoo and .... Guys, I cant pick a bias!
Do you guys like Seventeen? If so, who's your bias? So far, mine is narrowed down to Hoshi, The8, and Woozi (but the other members are all so adorable too...).
I apologize for any mistakes in this card, I didnt get much sleep. ☺ Have a good day everyone! 화이팅!
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Vernon and Woozi are my biases, but I just want to adopt all of them as my little brothers (the oldest members are 7 younger than me, and the youngest member are 11-12 years younger than me, so little brothers it is xD) and take them to amusement parks, let them have fun and make sure they're fed and healthy. x3
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Mine is currently The8, but I'm also fighting a personal battle over Joshua, Wonwoo and Jun. And maybe S.Coups....
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Woozi 😄😄
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Jihoon may be short but he is not adorable have you seen that guy fight his members omg he is a savage and could kill Mingyu with one fatal swoop despite the near 8 inch height difference that boy is a mENACE. But my bias AND my ultimate bias is Boo Boo Seungkwan. I can't share him with anyone I'll fight for him. xD
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My biases are seungkwan soonyoung and jihoon
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