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We should expect nothing less than perfection from BTS. Honestly they just keep getting better and better. The dance line killed this with their Jazz version of Dope. I can't even express in words how on point and smooth this dance was. They pierced my heart with cupids Arrow. Wait, they sent me to heaven. Something? Anything? I can't think straight. What is happening they are too talented. Army, I told you before in my other card about Rapmonster and jungkook's cover of "Fools" that it wouldn't be their last attack. Well here it is. They slayed Army again. I can't take it. I have freaken war wounds from every single time they perform or come out with something new.
Guys they're staring at me in heaven right now. Let me know if your as mind blown as me about this performance with your hearts and comments.
o.e door.... I mean dope.... yay auto correct...
Door was already semi Jazzy with the Sax through out the song but oh my lord, I would love a full Jazzified version to come out on a cd so I could just jam(but i dunno if Jimin can because he is jamless..) out to it.
Dude this is dope.(Heh, see what I did there? I wasn't even thinking about it until after I typed it. It's clearly an instinct now.) I actually forgot what I was watching when that whole heartwarming dance was preformed. I think I teared up.😢