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It's a really good time to be a geek.

Everywhere you go now, comics are what everyone wants to talk about. With the movies, the shows, and a bunch of new releases from the comics themselves we're all going to be busy! There's so many things to look forward to this year- hopefully this list will help you keep track!

Here's all the comic book movies coming out in 2016- stay tuned for the tv series!

Deadpool- February 12th

Just in time for Valentine's Day. After all- what's more romantic than guns and... well more guns.

Batman vs. Superman- March 25

DC is definitely back in the game and they're starting movie this year is strong. Their two biggest heroes facing off AND Wonder Woman swooping in to kick butt? Heck yeah!

Civil War- May 6

This day will be remembered through all of history as the day that the MCU killed all of its fans with feels.

X-Men Apocalypse- May 27

This will probably be Jennifer Lawrence's last appearance as Mystique, and they're definitely helping her go out with a bang!

Suicide Squad- August 5th

Jared Leto has big shoes to fill with this role but even in that brief clip you can tell he's giving it his all.

Gambit- October 7th

There's no trailer for this one yet but it's coming out a day after my birthday so... I know it's *not* a gift to me, but it kind of feels like it is!

Doctor Strange- November 4th

After the wreckage of Civil War, Marvel's doing us all a solid by releasing a solo film with a new (to film) character.

Who else is totally pumped for 2016?

Because from here, it looks like this year is gonna kick 2015's butt!
@Straightshooter well if you're interested in other works about suicide squad, there's an animated movie called assault on arkham and it's about them. that was actually a pretty good movie
@XavierLopez it's gonna be a good year ^_^
oh yeah! I'm so excited about it!
BVS I gotta say I lost my hype for that movie it's not just Batman's suit it's the fact that they shoved Doomsday in as a main boss for the movie Batman is carrying what looks like a spas-12 towards the end of the trailer wonder woman seems like she comes out of now where Ben Affleck's costume makes him look like a random fat cosplayer at Comic-Con and they have away to much of the storyline in trailer #2... please anyone who is reading this please don't think I'm hating its just a conversation rant that pretty much all my friends have been agreeing with me on.
Pool Dead 馃槶馃槶
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